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Faculty of Agriculture has provided skills in accordance with the Rectangular Strategies of the Royal Government of Cambodia. Based on the reality of developments and social needs, now the faculty is actively offering Bachelors of Science in Rural Development and Agronomy for local students in order to enable rural areas in Cambodia to become eternally green, improve people’s living standards and reduce the exodus. Recently, the faculty also provides Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and Veterinary.

- To develop the human resource necessary to allow the Cambodian agricultural sector to function and grow efficiently and productively, while respecting its responsibility towards the Cambodian society and environment at large.
- To keep the educational curriculum in agricultural sciences updated and responsive to the demands and sensitivities of Cambodian society.
- To develop the academic quality of graduates to a standard that allow them to themselves become appropriates teachers, lecturers and disseminators of agricultural knowledge to future generations of students at the Faculty, thereby providing a continuous updating and refreshing of agricultural knowledge.

- To through applied and basic research, seek relevant knowledge in the area of agronomy and rural development.
- To extend relevant knowledge and professional skills in the area of agronomy and rural development to students through an appropriate educational curriculum.
- To extend to new, relevant knowledge concerning agricultural production methods and strategies, as well as resource management and conservation, to farmers and the agricultural community at large.

Faculty of Agriculture has 3 Departments:
- Department of Agronomy
- Department of Animal Science and Veterinary
- Department of Rural Development

Mr Vanchey ROS,
Dean of Faculty of Agriculture
Mobile: 012 469 536
E-mail: rvanchey@sru.edu.kh

Mr Chhun HONG,
Vice Dean of Faculty of Agriculty
Mobile: 088 85 85 85 1
E-mail: hong_chhun@sru.edu.kh

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