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The importance of relations between HEIs and their socio-economic environment has become a topical issue in the last 20 years, being stressed in Europe within the current ‘Europe 2020 Strategy’. Employability of university graduates and ensuring stronger relevance of universities’ activities within their economic environment has moved high on the political agenda. Whereas in European countries relations between universities and enterprises have been developed and intensified during the past decade, PC HEIs need support and transfer of good practices for the creation of strategies and instruments in this domain; integrating lessons learned in Europe in the experiences and needs from the different target PCs constitutes an essential pillar of the project.
Taking into account initial need analysis, the project globally aims at contributing to the socio-economic development in the PCs by strengthening linkages between universities and enterprises in terms of cooperation and partnerships.
Within that global purpose, specific objectives of Hub4Growth are:
1. Strengthening managerial, strategic and administrative capacities of personnel of the 8 PC HEIs for the implementation of university-wide collaboration with local enterprises.
2. Establishment and pilot implementation of interface structures (University-Enterprise Centres, UECs) and services for the development and maintenance of universities-enterprises cooperation at the 8 PC HEIs.